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Skip the salad bar and grow your own! These varieties are the foundation for tasty, healthy salads. Don’t stop there: pickle the extra cucumbers, make a smoothie with your spinach, and get creative in the kitchen.
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Collection contains one packet of each variety listed below.
  • Slobolt Lettuce
  • Bushy Cucumber
  • French Breakfast Radish
  • Dragon Carrot
  • Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Apollo Arugula

We reserve the right to substitute seed varieties in all collections in case of shortages.

Slobolt Lettuce

Introduced in the mid 1940s by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, MD. Large thick clusters of light green frilled leaves are produced all summer. As its name suggests, this variety is very slow to bolt. Pleasing flavor, never bitter. Looseleaf, 45-55 days.

Bushy Cucumber

Introduced to American gardeners by SSE in 1992. Originated in Russia where its short vines (up to 5' long) and ease of growing made it perfect for dacha or second-home gardens near Moscow. Produces bumper crops for fresh eating and pickling. 45-50 days.

French Breakfast Radish

(aka Radis Demi-long Rose a Bout Blanc) A very early market garden radish of French origin. Listed by J.M. Thorburn & Co of New York in 1870. Oblong and blunt, rose-scarlet with a white tip. White crisp flesh with a mildly pungent flavor. Sow in the spring or fall and pick when small. 20-30 days.

Dragon Carrot

The most refined purple carrot available; bred by SSE member John Navazio. Sure to be the best selling carrot at specialty and farmers’ markets. Beautiful red-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellow-orange interior when sliced. Sweet, almost spicy flavor. 90 days.

Bloomsdale Spinach

(Spinacia oleracea) Developed in 1874 by D. Landreth & Sons seed company of Philadelphia. Vigorous upright plants with dark green, glossy, savoyed leaves. Fine quality, very tender, excellent flavor. Quick growing variety with heavy yields. Well adapted for late spring or summer plantings, slow to bolt. 39-60 days.

Apollo Arugula

(Eruca sativa) Improved Dutch strain of domesticated rocket. Very large, rounded leaves are high in vitamin C. Excellent flavor and rarely bitter. Will produce 3-5 cuttings per sowing if kept well picked. 40-45 days.