Onion, Newburg

Allium cepa
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Newburg - SOLD OUT

  • Organic
  • Juicy, sweet and mild
  • Excellent storage onion
  • Bulbs range 2.5-3" long, 3-4" wide, and weigh 3-6 oz

Newburg - SOLD OUT

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Juicy, sweet, and mild with no bitterness. Excellent storage onion. Bulbs measure 2.5-3" long; 3-4" wide; and weigh 3-6 oz.

This onion was released by longtime SSE member Alan Kapuler, PhD, of Peace Seeds. He developed Newburg by re-selecting an F1 hybrid into an open-pollinated, true breeding variety that retains the uniform quality of the original hybrid.

Start Indoors: 4-6 weeks before transplanting

Germination: 4-10 Days

Plant Outdoors: 4-6” Apart

Light: Full Sun