Carrot, Red Surrey

Daucus carota
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  • Organic
  • Long tapered roots with pointed end
  • Uniform, smooth texture
  • Moderately sweet raw
  • New for 2017 - Heritage Farm Collection Variety

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Long, tapered roots with a pointed end. Highly uniform, smooth texture, slight tendency to crack. Raw carrots are moderately sweet. Cooked carrots have an earthy flavor.

Red Surrey is an historic British variety, also long grown in the United States. It is documented in the 1863 book, Field and Garden Vegetables of America by Fearing Burr, Jr. (1815-1866). Our strain comes from SSE member John Wyncoll of the U.K. Red Surrey has fallen out of the U.S. seed trade; SSE is pleased to re-introduce it.

Direct Seed: 1/2" Apart

Seed Depth: 1/4"

Rows Apart: 16-24"

Thin: 2-4" Apart